What's the best workout routine?

First of all, wanted to welcome you on my blog, and secondly, I am a certified personal trainer and dietician, but Iam not a writer. So I am really sorry for my grammer mistakes.. Now, Without wasting your time, let's start.  
m not gonna waste your time in explaining and going into depth in these programs.

Beginners workout program-

Those are the beginners who just had joined the gym and started working out.. Say, for example less than a year experience of lifting. 

Plan is to start slow and focus more on the posture. Its the best time to learn new moves and making your body adapt them.

Pattern A-

Circuit training for 6 to 10 days, light to moderate weight and learn the moves. 

After 10 days move into split format. 

Split format-

Day1 - chest back or chest triceps 

Day2 - cardio or general stretches

Day3- shoulder legs or back biceps

Day4- cardio or stretches

Day5- arms or shoulder legs

These formats are made only for the beginners and apart from these there are many formats or combinations.. Basic idea is to go ligh, go slow and focus on learning .. Stay tuned for next session of workout patterns...
If you are an Intermediate or advanced yhe  you can  play with the combinations.
There are infinite combinations which work really well. 
Like , chest back or chest tri or chest shoulder, chest tri etc.. 
All these combinations you can make. 
Also you can add drop sets or super sets to your workouts . 
Which will help you to further increase wprkout intensity. 
Super set is a set which combines 2 or more exercises of either same muscle or different muscles at a stretch. 
Drop set is set in which you start with a heavy load and keep on reducing the weight on each succesive set.. keeping rest perod between sets minimum. 
Hope you have understood my point, and forgiven me for my grammer mistakes. Looking forward for your valueable comments.  

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