Tips to lose weight fast


We always diet and workout to loose weight and inches. But once we leave diet we tend to regain that lost fat or weight again..

Why ?
Its because after following particular diet we push our body into a calorie deficit state and once we leave our diet and starts eating regularly we gain that weight or fat again.
Today will be discussing 10 simple tricks that you can follow to keep away that fat from your body forever.

1. Limit your intake of added sugar.
Added sugar is mostly linked with obesity, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver etc.
Studies show that added sugar is dierectly linked with increase in waist size and overall calories specially in people who take sweetened drinks. Its always good to stay away from this habit.

2. Reduce stress
Stress and anxiety leads to release of cortisol ( catabolic harmone) which stimulates your appetite and you end up eating more than usual calories. It is also related with binge eating and cravings. Better not to take any stress and avoid this harmone to interfere in your healthy life.

3. Avoid liquid calories
Liquid calories consists of high sugar drinks, like soft drinks, soda, alcohol or energy drinks.
It is easy to drink a large quantity of these drinks which leads to increase in overall calories.

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